MimicGen (CoRL 2023)#


The MimicGen paper released a large collection of task demonstrations across several different environments.

The datasets contain over 48,000 task demonstrations across 12 tasks, grouped into the following categories:

  • source: 120 human demonstrations across 12 tasks used to automatically generate the other datasets

  • core: 26,000 task demonstrations across 12 tasks (26 task variants)

  • object: 2000 task demonstrations on the Mug Cleanup task with different mugs

  • robot: 16,000 task demonstrations across 4 different robot arms on 2 tasks (4 task variants)

  • large_interpolation: 6000 task demonstrations across 6 tasks that pose significant challenges for modern imitation learning methods

See this link for more information on the datasets.


Please see this link for instructions on downloading and using these datasets.


No postprocessing is needed for these datasets.


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